Heat Recovery Advantages of Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation

4 Heat Recovery Advantages of Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation is becoming the preferred solution to ventilate New Zealand homes. But with so many different options available to choose from, what makes Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation so unique?

1. Lossnay retains heat energy to help save on  heating/cooling power bills Rather than going to waste, Lossnay’s unique Heat Recovery Technology recovers up to 92%*1 of the heat energy from the outgoing stale air, which is then used to pre-warm or precool the incoming fresh air. In doing so, the cost of heating/cooling this incoming fresh air is significantly reduced, helping the home save on their overall heating/cooling power bill. For example, a home with an inside temperature of 20°C and an outside temperature of 0°C can still bring fresh air in at over 18°C after recovering energy*1. This means the home’s heating system only has to top this fresh air up by 2°C (or less),  rather than the full 20°C which would otherwise be required if using a conventional  ventilation system.

2. Lossnay intuitively provides free cooling*2 via Automatic Free Cooling Mode

Using onboard temperature sensors, Lossnay can be set to intuitively detect when a space is hotter than desired and activate Automatic Free Cooling Mode. As a result, cooler, fresher air from outside is introduced and free cooling is provided to the home. This is ideal for cooling down a dwelling that may have overheated during the day once the outside temperature has dropped in the evening.

3. Lossnay maximises efficiency through smart duct and  grille placement

Often ventilation system efficiency is compromised as poor grille and duct placement results in air being drawn from the coldest parts of the home. Through smart duct and grille placement, Lossnay’s Heat Recovery Technology takes advantage of areas which are naturally warmer. In turn Lossnay’s efficiency can be maximised for greater energy savings. Furthermore, shorter or equal length duct runs and high R-value ducting can also help optimise heat recovery performance.

4. Lossnay Wi-Fi Control makes heat recovery ventilation visible

With Lossnay Wi-Fi Control, elevating air quality and maximising energy efficiencies has never been easier. On the app, see by how many degrees Lossnay is pre-warming or pre-cooling a home in real time, minimising its heating and cooling needs. And in summer monitor by how many degrees Lossnay reduces the home temperature, using Automatic Free Cooling*2 Mode. View actual CO2 Levels*3 and watch how the system automatically activates Boost Mode to maintain optimum air quality. The app will also proactively remind the user when it is time to clean the filters to maximise both cost efficient operation and health benefits.

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