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Solar panels have revolutionised the way that we can power our homes. With recent technological advances, prices have come down and efficiency has gone up. Solar energy is not only great for the environment, it will also save you money and can even make you money! The advantage of solar power is that you can install a large or small unit to either offset your electricity bill or even sell excess power back to your power company on days when your solar panels produce more power than you need.

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With Solar Panel paybacks getting down to almost 4 years, now is a great time to look into Solar PV – advertise your company by going green and doing your thing for the environment all while saving money.

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Go green and beat the rising cost of electricity by having solar panels installed in your home. With our team of electricians and a qualified electrical inspector on staff, Energy Services can provide you with comprehensive solar solutions. We’re the local certified installer for YHI Power.
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